Creative Team

Animated Illustrations

  • Animated Emotes (Illustration ±€30EURO, Animation ±$35USD)

  • Animated Alerts (Illustration ±€60EURO, Animation ±$50USD)

  • Animated Scenes (Price depends on complexity. Animation starts at $100USD)

Music Composing

  • Background, Ambient Music & OST ($200USD/min)

  • Arrangements/Instrumentals ($250USD/min, $150USD/min for piano only)

  • Original instrumentals for projects as Singles, Albums or more 

  • Video game music, Film music 


If you have anything else in mind that isn't listed above, feel free to reach out and tell us about your project!


Wait time on these commissions will vary.

Our creative team services are different from the regular commissions we offer individually!

As a team, we're able to provide animated artwork and custom music but you are free to

commission us individually if you have a preference for one or the other.

If you're interested in a creative team commission, please reach out to either of us and don't forget to specify you're interested in a creative team commission!